Branch State of the Business, Part 4

A New Branch of Business: Independent Agents

Part I: Geographic Expansion — A True Growth State of Mind

Part 2: Bundles of Bundles — Super Speed + Big Savings

Part 3: New Partnerships — When Branch Adds Partners, We All Win

Branch was built for speed and savings. But what we really mean by that is, Branch was built for people. It’s simple and straightforward. Easy to use. Easy to save. All the things the typical insurance buying experience has never been. 

But we didn’t just build Branch as self-service technology for the people looking to buy insurance. It’s also a better start-to-finish experience for the people who sell insurance, too.

Independent insurance agents, the ones who help customers find the right policies across different insurance providers, account for more than 60% of insurance sales across the United States — a crucial part of the insurance ecosystem. 

When we arm these agents with our easy-bundle technology, we make it easier for them to help their customers get great home and auto coverage at a lower price, faster than ever. 

Over the past 12 months, we built an entirely new branch of Branch from the ground up. 

In 2021 we officially launched our “Independent Agency program.” But we might as well call it “lighting in a bottle.” 

The lightning is lightning-fast Branch insurance. The bottle? More than 1,600 independent insurance agencies across the country.

Why Independent Agents choose Branch: 

1. A seamless, frictionless experience

For agents, the info gathering and data entry that took 30+ minutes is done in seconds.

2. The only instant bundle 

In way less time, customers can buy two policies instead of one — for more sold policies, larger average written premiums, and increased customer retention.

3. Customize policies in real-time

Agents can finally get back to coverage advisory and relationship building, rather than spend hours a day sorting through customer details.

Branch technology empowers independent agencies, each already fixtures in their local communities for decades, to better compete in today’s changing insurance landscape. 

And for customers, it's the perfect marriage of tech, savings, and trust. Person-to-person relation, backed by the convenience of automation. 

Since we launched our Independent Agent program, we’ve helped thousands more people save. 

In January 2021, we started with an internal team of only one. In just a year, we’ve teamed up with hundreds of independent agents and reached thousands of new customers all over the country. Our dedicated Independent Agency team is now 12 Branchers strong, each working to equip independent insurance agencies with the digital tools, dedicated expertise, and support they need to confidently bring Branch savings to their customers.

Month-over-month independent agent policy growth: 

Add it all up and we’re now helping new customers save hundreds of thousands of dollars each month through independent agencies alone.

🚀 2021 was liftoff. And 2022 will scale to new heights.

The value Branch provides independent agents is clear as day. And now, we’re building out our Independent Agency team, even more, to keep pace with our rapid growth.

Over the coming months, we’ll actively expand our independent agency network and deepen our relationships — partnering with the right agents and agencies who share our vision for the way insurance should be.  

Working hand-in-hand with independent agents all over the country, we’re not just lowering insurance costs. We’re making great coverage easier, faster, and accessible to more people. And we’re ensuring that independent agents keep a vital place in the insurance industry as champions of their own customers and communities.

Together, we’re “getting back to getting each other’s back.” Thank you to our independent agency partners for helping us truly live our words.

NOTE: Check back for Part 5 on why Branch is one of Glassdoor’s “Top Places to Work” and the hundreds of new Branchers bringing diverse talents and perspectives.