Mortgage Lender Contact Information

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Here’s our mailing information:

Overnight - Premium Collections (Escrow Checks Only):
Branch Payments, 370 Main St, Suite 880, Worcester, MA 01608

Standard Processing - Premium Collections (Escrow Checks Only):
Branch Payments, PO Box 15010, Worcester, MA 01615

For All Other Inquiries:
Branch, PO BOX 340380, Columbus, OH 43234

Mortgage Requests:
Please log in to to access real-time policy data at any time from anywhere. The LenderDock portal allows all lenders, lienholders, and third-party financial institutions to verify coverage, and download evidence of insurance, or a paid-in-full receipt. You can also update lienholder information directly from the portal.

(We’ll process within 24-48 hours during normal business hours!)

(614) 810-5000