Filing a claim

If you ever need to file a claim, we got your back.

If you ever need to file a claim, we got your back

“I’ve been a Branch customer for a few months now. Recently, our family experienced a car accident and I’m SO glad that I was with Branch when it happened. We have two school-aged kiddos in several extra curricular activities so dealing with a claim on our car was the last thing we had time to deal with!! Luckily, our claims guide was extremely helpful, guiding us through each step and providing updates on the status of the claim. They were so proactive about the entire process and that really helped with our peace of mind. Would definitely recommend them to friends and family!!”— Hailey S.
Current Branch insured - here to say that my claims guide was outstanding! Really positive experience in a situation that could have been a nightmare if left in the wrong hands. I got the impression that branch truly cares about their customers and their well-being. And that goes a long way with me!— Matt M.
The claim service is amazing, always present to answer every kind of questions you may have. You just have to let them know, and the answer comes to you at the time you need it.👌— Franc L.
Very cool company with a great mission, easiest purchase experience. Amazing claims team as well, had to deal with an unfortunate fender bender and their service was top notch. Highly recommended!— Adrian C.

Filing a claim couldn’t be easier

Go onlineStart an online claim

Having an accident is stressful. Our claims process is not. 

You file your claim in secondsFiling a claim is fast and easy when you use either the Branch app or our website. You’ll upload some pictures and invoices, then provide some details of what happened. If you need immediate help you can always call us at 855-540-9642.
We get to workOnce your claim is filed, our claims team begins our review process and will contact you soon with next steps.
We keep you informedDuring the claim process, our team will proactively reach out to keep you updated and request any additional information we need to finalize your claim.
We resolve your claim quicklyAs soon as your claim is approved, we'll send through your payment.

Helpful tips for a smooth claim

Don’t delayThe best way to get your claim resolved quickly is to file it quickly. Filing your claim quickly ensures that critical details aren’t lost and gives our team a headstart on making you whole.
Don’t suffer in silenceWe strive to make sure we’re keeping you informed throughout the process and aim to delight. However, we know claims are stressful and if there’s anything we can do to make the process easier for you, let us know!
Details: the more the merrierWhen you file your claim, you’ll be asked to submit photos and provide details of what happened. The more detail you provide, the better. Was anyone hurt? If so who was was involved and did they have insurance? Property damaged? Tell us about it. We want the full picture so we can get you the best outcome.