Branch State of the Business, Part 2

We’ve Bundled Super Speed + Big Savings

Part I: Geographic Expansion — A True Growth State of Mind

Welcome to Part 2 of our State of the Business. Speaking of twos, let’s talk bundles. Did you know that Branch is the ONLY home and auto insurer that can bundle two policies together instantly? And, in 2021, we saved people who did bundle an average of over $500. So you could say we’ve actually bundled speed + savings into a never-before-seen way to get insured. 

Oh, and breaking news — people love bundles. 

Today, 78% percent of households want to bundle their home and auto insurance — they know it can save money. That means only Branch can give people the exact coverage they want with zero friction. 

At Branch, we don’t just bundle home + auto. We can bundle in umbrella insurance for folks looking for excess coverage. We also bundle renters and auto insurance. Bundling saves people money, so we make bundling easy. 

Branch customers are bundling fast and saving more than ever

How fast is fast? Let’s take a look under the hood and see. Here’s a list of our fastest bundles this year. 

That’s right, on July 14th, we bundled home and auto coverage from start to finish in just 63 seconds. In other words, Branch can go pretty much as fast as you can type. And we don’t ask you to type in much. 

To truly understand how impressive 63 seconds is, the traditional bundle is more likely to take 63 minutes. If you’ve never personally tried to bundle your insurance before, this is how it works…

How bundling your home + auto usually goes: 

  1. You provide all your personal information to begin the auto insurance process. 
  2. You fill out a whole lot of details about what you want to insure.
  3. You then re-enter all of your personal information for home insurance (yes, even though you just did that).
  4. You add in even more details about your home.
  5. You get a “quote” (not a price) — a number that’s totally subject to change. Then you have to speak with an agent to go over all those details again to finally complete your bundle.

Again, if you’re lucky, this process takes close to an hour.  

With Branch, that process looks a little different: 

  1. You input just your name and address.
  2. We use data, technology, and automation to gather all the information we need in the background
  3. We run real-time models to determine your real price (not a bait and switch quote) in about 10 to 15 seconds — your choice of bundled coverage or standalone home or auto
  4. You customize your policy to your liking and check out online in seconds

Truth is, most of the information we need to price and bind insurance is publicly available. And the old way of filling out tons of forms is a waste of everyone’s time. We’ve automated the hard part, moving at the speed of technology. So, for our members, bundling and saving money is easy.

That’s why, as of December 31, 2021, more than half of all Branch policies are bundled.

But faster bundling isn’t just about convenience.

It’s about fairness. 

The idea that bundling can save you tons of money does you no good if it’s next to impossible to actually do. Many don’t have the hours needed to spend time talking with agents and filling out tons of forms. We think of the time that insurance companies ask you to spend trying to bundle as a Friction Tax paid by customers. And many can’t afford that tax. 

When we make bundling instant, we eliminate the Friction Tax - in other words, we live into our mission of making insurance less expensive so more people can be covered. 

🥂 In 2022, Branch is ushering in a new era of bundling.

Until Branch, bundling was hard. Now, it’s as simple as buying pretty much anything else online. 

We’ve built a new way to bundle better, faster, smarter. Instant-bundle technology, industry-leading efficiency.

So here’s to 2022 — and all things that come in twos: home + auto insurance, speed + savings  — may your bundles be faster and easier than ever, as we finally bring instant bundles to each new state across the nation. 

NOTE: Check back for Part 3 next week to see how our 2021 partnerships are adding even more savings to each Branch policy.

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