The easy way to compare carriers

Did you know Branch can shop around for your insurance?

Branch will get you the insurance you need at the price you deserve—even if it’s not with us. So if we’re not a good fit for you, our licensed agents can find you coverage options from other carriers. From quote to bind—we’re here to help you through the process.

How it works

You tried to get a quote from Branch, and we couldn’t offer you coverage. Or maybe the price didn’t fit your needs. No problem.

Talk to one of our agents. They gather price options from our other partner carriers. You get to skip the call-around.

We make things even easier. We’ll help you through the process of buying your policy with another carrier. That’s it—really.

Why does Branch partner with other carriers?

Branch is insurance, the way it was meant to be—insurance that’s affordable, takes care of its members, and is easier to buy. That means, even when we can’t be the ones to provide coverage, we still want to have your back. So we partner with other carriers to ensure you find the best options available to you. And, if we can offer you coverage in the future, it’s an easy switch.

See for yourself. Talk to an agent.

Not available in every state. Coverage and discounts may vary. Subject to eligibility requirements. Insurance is underwritten by an unaffiliated insurance carrier through Branch Financial, Inc., a licensed insurance agency.