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My Community

A new way to save, exclusively from Branch

What if instead of funding billion dollar ad campaigns with customers' money, insurance companies made it simple to invite friends and family, keeping the money away from advertisers and in the pockets of customers?

Branch app

How it works

Send invites

Current customers invite friends to check Branch out for the 1st time.

Amazon gift card


Get a $25 Amazon eGift Card as soon as they request a price



Earn discounts on your insurance for as long as you're both customers.

The Traditional Insurance Way

Insurers ad spend

Insurers spend over $5bn in advertising each year

Ad Spend

Those billions of dollars come directly out of customer premiums

The result

The result? Premium dollars go to fund ad campaigns instead of protecting communities

The Branch Way

We reward customers for helping us grow.

Thats allows us to keep marketing spend low.

The result?

We pass savings along to you.


The My Community discount is currently available in the following states:

Map of My Community discount availability

Want more information? Read more about the My Community discount here.

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