Branch Insurance Exchange - Subscribers' Advisory Forum

Subscribers' Advisory Forum Rules

August 7, 2020
Steve Lekas, CEO of Branch Insurance
Written bySteve LekasCEO & Co-Founder




The Subscribers’ Advisory Forum (“SAF”) plays an important role in the overall governance of the Branch Insurance Exchange (“BRANCH”).  Branch Financial, Inc. (“BFI”), pursuant to the Subscriber Agreement, is solely responsible for the management of the business and affairs of BRANCH.  However, BFI recognizes that its interests are aligned with BRANCH Subscribers, and that both BFI and BRANCH Subscribers benefit from the efficient, fair, transparent, and ethical operation of BRANCH.  As a result, BFI has created the SAF for the sole purpose of allowing BRANCH Subscribers to have a voice in the BRANCH community.  These Rules set forth the rules under which the SAF is to operate.


1.     Participation in the SAF

Every current BRANCH Subscriber can participate in the SAF.


2.     Electronic Discussion Forum

BRANCH Subscribers can participate in the SAF at any time by sending an email to  Emails may contain questions, comments, or general suggestions.  Responses, if any, will be sent by email.  Additionally, select questions and answers will be posted online at

3.     Live Discussions

Once per quarter, BFI will convene a live online meeting, wherein BRANCH Subscribers can pose questions and engage in discussion with BFI management.  The schedule for these meetings will be posted online at


4.     Amendment of SAF Rules

BFI may amend these rules at any time to best serve and accommodate the needs of BRANCH Subscribers.  The most current version of these Rules will be available at

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