Why partner your mortgage company with Branch?

The benefits of a partnership with Branch

August 12, 2020
Written byKim KlenkGrowth Marketing Director

Welcome to Branch. We're glad you're here!

As a mortgage company, it's important to know what benefits you will gain when partnering with an insurance company. 

We know you most likely have other partners and here’s why you should consider a partnership with Branch. Building a mutually beneficial relationship with Branch leads to increased opportunities for providing faster policy quotes to customers. 

About Branch:

  • Clients can buy a bundled home and auto insurance policy in less than a minute
  • Branch can bundle home and auto insurance faster than anyone because it’s the first company able to sell it online with just a customer's name and address
  • Branch has a variety of innovative programs that leverage the benefits of community to make insurance more affordable and easier to buy for everyone

Why partner with us?

Improved customer LTV through speed of home quoting process and price of home insurance.

The Problem:

The process of getting a home quote is long and drawn out. The cost of insurance is higher overall since companies pay agent commissions.

  • The time it takes to get a home quote takes on average of 10-20 minutes as companies ask more and more questions
  • Most insurance companies pay agents commission on all new business and renewal policies sold, driving up the cost of insurance for consumers
  • An overly complex process can lead to increased churn and reduced brand loyalty

How Branch Solves It:

We can get your customer a quote in 10 seconds or less at a lower price point—improving the customer experience and strengthening customer economics. Customers have the option to purchase this policy directly from the partner branded quote page.

  • The customer receives an affinity discount clearly attributed to your brand, leading to even more customer savings
  • Once the client binds, Branch will send their dec pages back to your banker so they can continue the loan process with firm DTI
  • This discount is applied until the client utilizes a different mortgage company to refinance or purchase their next home, incentivizing loyalty and improving retention rates
  • Branch prides itself on being a thoughtful steward in the industry - a portion of all policy premiums goes toward social impact programs like Branch’s own SafetyNest

Let's discuss how we can accelerate your business.

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Or contact Dustin Thomas at dustin@ourbranch.com or (330) 414-4066.