Hi, we’re Branch.

We’re new here. That’s a good thing.

June 25, 2020
Written bySteve LekasCofounder and CEO

Remember when broadband replaced dial-up? Or when the smartphone replaced the flip phone? This is kinda the same thing–Branch is here to give insurance a much-needed facelift.

We’re talking bundling made simple.

New and innovative ways to save.

Protection for those who need it most.

All kinds of great stuff.

But, we understand if you’ve got some reservations about us being the new kid on the block. Sometimes we hear folks say, “wait, you’re brand new; why should I trust you?”

Fair enough. Let’s talk about why you should.

Let’s start with the basics: if you file a claim, are we going to be around to handle it?

Short answer: Yes.

Longer answer: Yes, here’s why: Branch is backed by SCOR, one of the largest reinsurance companies in the world. With SCOR’s A+ financial rating, you can feel confident that when you buy insurance from Branch, you’re covered by as strong a financial institution as you’ll find.

Back up a sec. Did you say reinsurance?

Yep. Reinsurance is, essentially, insurance for insurance companies.

Whoa. Mind blown. But, why do you need a reinsurance company anyway?

Good question!

Let’s imagine you started a new insurance company. Yay—this is fun! 😁

Ok, after lots of hard work, you get your first customer. Let’s pretend they pay $200/month for their home and auto insurance. That $200 then goes right into the rainy day fund for future claims-paying.

Now, imagine that the day after that customer joins, their home is completely destroyed. Whoa, not fun. 😟

So, the customer files a claim. Everything looks right. You’re ready to pay their claim, but all you’ve got is that $200 in the bank. Wuh-oh! 😮

That’s where our reinsurance partnership comes in. By working with a reinsurer, we ensure that when customers have a claim, we have access to the funds needed to cover them. So, customers never need to worry that we won’t be around to pay their claim.

If you think about it, it’s relationships like this that allow new and innovative types of companies to come in and bring a fresh perspective to insurance.

So, yeah, we’re new here. But, rest assured, we’ll always have your back. Check us out.

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