The Branch Insurance Exchange

A program designed to benefit our customers and lower the cost of insurance.

At Branch, we're dedicated to lowering the cost of insurance for our customers. That's why we built our company to make it easy to bundle your home and auto insurance—everyone knows bundling saves you money, but it's always been so hard to do. We made it simple (two questions simple) so we could help more people lower their cost to be insured.

But there’s more to bundling with Branch. We have a whole new way to drive the cost of insurance down, even more. It's called the Branch Insurance Exchange, a reciprocal insurance exchange built to give Branch members greater savings and more control over their policies.

But what's a reciprocal insurance exchange?

A reciprocal insurance exchange is an insurance company owned entirely by its members and managed by insurance professionals. While most conventional insurance companies ultimately answer to corporate shareholders, reciprocals only answer to their members.

You're not just a member. You're also an owner.

Members of the Branch Insurance Exchange are also part owners. This means that all the ways you expect to interact with your insurance company stay the same—paying your premiums, filing claims, getting reimbursed—but as an owner, you get access to perks like:

Subscriber Savings Account
In a traditional insurance company, money that has been collected from policyholders, but not used to pay claims, gets kept as corporate profit. With the Branch Insurance Exchange, that money will get returned to members through their Subscriber Savings Account (SSA). And as the size of the community grows, so do the SSA funds.

Subscriber's Advisory Forum
While Branch is responsible for the management of the Branch Insurance Exchange, you as the member sit on a special advisory forum that regularly interacts with the Branch management team to recommend improvements to how the company operates. This establishes an open and transparent view into the operations of the exchange and gives members a say in how the company functions.

Electronic discussion forum
Members can voice concerns, make recommendations, ask questions, or offer general suggestions at any time by sending an email to

The Branch Insurance Exchange isn't the only reciprocal. But we’re one of the best.

Other financially strong reciprocals exist today, including PURE, Farmers, and Erie Insurance,* but we think Branch Insurance Exchange is one of the best. Not only do members get access to all of the perks above, but BIX also has one of the lowest cost structures. In reciprocals, the professionals managing the company take a small payment for their work. Branch takes a smaller fee than anyone in the industry—only a 5% fee, which drives insurance prices down for our members.

Sounds great. How do I join?

As the Branch Insurance Exchange becomes available in states, new customers will automatically be enrolled. That means as a new customer of Branch, you'll immediately start to enjoy the perks of being a member. If you're already a Branch customer, you'll be receiving an email with more details on how you can quickly and easily convert your existing policy to a Branch Insurance Exchange policy.

*Branch is neither affiliated with nor sponsored or endorsed by any of these companies.

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