Community Drive

Community Drive was created by Branch Insurance to build a community of safe drivers and help members save even more on their insurance. By keeping drivers safe on the road, we can share even more savings with our community!

Community Drive is the newest feature on the Branch mobile app. Using data from your phone, drivers receive a score based on their driving behaviors and are rewarded with discounts for safe driving. If you participate and drive safely, you could earn up to 20% off your premium at renewal!

When you opt in, you automatically receive a 2% participation discount on your insurance, which will then be influenced by your driving score*. You must complete 5 trips within 90 days to receive a driving score and keep your Community Drive discount. 

How do I participate?

Drivers can opt in when they sign up for a policy, or if you already have a Branch Insurance Exchange policy, you can easily opt in through our mobile app. After accepting theTerms and Conditionsand enabling location services, you can start taking drives and earning your score.

What affects my score?

After opting in, you can participate in trips and the app will monitor your driving behaviors. You then receive a total score that reflects your last 90 days of driving.  You will also receive a score for each driving behavior based on the last 14 days of driving. The app leverages technology in smartphones, like GPS location services, mapping software, tracking of phone events (locking and unlocking), accelerometers, and gyroscopes to track five driving behaviors including:

  • Speeding
  • Phone distraction
  • Hard braking
  • Sudden acceleration, and
  • Sharp turning

The better you drive, the more you save! It’s that easy.

Could my Community Drive score affect my premium?

We’re in the business of making insurance affordable, so Community Drive will never raise your original auto premium!

At your first auto renewal, your initial participation discount is replaced by your Community Drive Score.  As Branch Insurance believes in getting each other’s backs, your Community Drive Score can only help you get cheaper insurance - it will not increase your base auto premium. The best drivers can save up to 20% on their premium! If you do not complete the required drives in Community Drive, you will no longer be eligible for a score and therefore not eligible for a discount. The good news is that you will just go back to your original premium at that point.

So, give it a try - it can only help you save more!

Where is Community Drive available?

Community Drive is currently offered for Branch Insurance Exchange members in Ohio. Don’t worry! Community Drive is coming to Arizona, Illinois, Missouri, Texas, and many other states soon, so we will let you know when it becomes available in your area.

Do I have to get Community Drive?

We’re always looking to pass more savings to our members, but if you feel Community Drive isn’t a good fit for you, you can choose not to participate.

Each driver opts in individually, so if there are multiple drivers on your policy, each driver can choose whether or not they’d like to participate. However, if all the drivers on your policy participate, you could earn up to 2% off your premium for your first policy term right away… we promise it’s worth trying!

Looking for some other great ways to save with Branch? Check out the My Community discount and Community Pledge to save even more on your insurance.

How does Community Drive work?

Branch teamed up with Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT) to use their platform DriveWell to power Community Drive. CMT monitors your driving behaviors to accurately estimate driving risk based on sensors in your smartphone. Branch will use this data from CMT to give you real-time feedback on your driving behaviors through our mobile app. We hope this can help you improve your driving and in return receive deeper discounts for being safer on the road!

*You only receive the 2% discount if all drivers on your policy opt in. If not all drivers on the policy opt in, the discount will be less than 2%.