The Branch Insurance & ADT Partnership Discount

How can I get up to 29% off my home and auto insurance?

Is the ADT discount real?

Through its latest partnership with ADT, Branch Insurance announced savings of up to 29% off home, auto, and umbrella insurance policies for ADT-protected clients. Where most other insurers offer nominal discounts for clients with home security systems, Branch has dismantled the insurance industry precedent with its risk-segmented pricing. Many are wondering, “Is the 29% discount real? And if so, how can Branch do this?”

Yes, the 29% discount is real, and here’s how we do it:

When clients choose to add ADT’s industry-leading professional monitoring to their home, they begin reducing risk factors that can lead to home insurance claims. By reducing the risk of loss to a client’s home, Branch is able to offer discounts (i.e., lower premiums) to ADT-protected clients.  With each additional home security device a client integrates, a segmented insurance discount is added. 

Let’s break it down:

Through this partnership, Branch offers a base 8% discount on home, auto, and umbrella insurance to ADT home security customers. From there, Branch increases the insurance discount incrementally based on the security and smart home devices a client owns.

ADT-protected clients can earn discounts* on their Branch home and car insurance for having:

  • Anti-theft devices (motion or door sensors)
  • Water shut-off valves 
  • Moisture sensors
  • Smoke detectors

*Discounts vary by state.

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